There's a better way to sell.

A.I. powered sales playbook software that shows your sales team what questions win deals and reminds them to ask them at the right time.

Loved by some of the world’s best sales teams that are committed to selling the right way.

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Buyers don't give sellers second chances anymore


because everyone has pumped up the volume...


It's giving sales a bad name

When everyone is focused on volume the only way to outperform is to be more effective.

Meet Costello!

Know what your best reps are doing on calls

It's not easy to get actionable insights from your CRM or frontline sellers. Costello gives everyone on the team data about what call paths and conversation topics book meetings and close deals.

Help everyone on your team run calls like your best reps do

Knowing what good looks like isn't enough. You have to be able to replicate it. Costello helps everyone consistently run the same call flow that your top reps use to succeed. Help them never forget to ask important questions, build trust by telling relevant stories and answer objections with confidence. Just like your best reps do.

Give your reps a way to follow your process and save time

Costello helps reps use your playbook during calls without getting in their way. It's built to match their workflow and connect to tools they already use. Make sure your AEs never get off a call again without hitting the important questions. And when they're ready to wrap-up, easily sync notes back to your CRM with one click. Costello saves sales professionals an average of 15 minutes per call.

Turn your sales team into a learning machine

Costello provides insight into what's working on sales calls so you can continually improve your playbooks. Your team's collective wisdom is captured in an up-to-date, single source of truth, so your team is always executing calls with the best approach.

Integrated with platforms you love.

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