What if reps consistently followed your sales methodology?

What if you could see the gaps in every deal?

What if you knew what drives close rates?


CRM wasn’t built to help reps sell

A CRM is a system of record, the foundation of your sales stack. But it was not designed to help reps navigate sales conversations, create a business case, and manage multiple deals from start to close.


Reps must rely on ‘ad hoc’ tools 

These note-taking tools do not help reps prep for calls, guide conversations, and sync key insights back to your CRM. Ad hoc tools inevitably lead to ad hoc execution.

Ad hoc tools lead to ad-hoc execution.

A negative chain reaction occurs, and it starts with the rep.

Reps don’t consistently follow sales methodology or reliably capture key deal insights in CRM.

Sales Managers have no visibility into deal quality and are forced to coach reps reactively.

VPs don’t have confidence in the pipeline forecast and can’t explain major win/loss drivers.

Which leads to bad outcomes


Meet Costello.

The deal management platform that aligns frontline sales reps, managers and VPs to work together to win more deals. We help sales reps consistently follow sales methodology, give managers visibility into the quality of every deal and shows sales leaders what's working and what's not.


Execute Your Sales Methodology

Your reps know what to do. Costello just helps them remember in the moment. Prep for calls, ask timely questions, tell relevant stories, and easily sync key insights back to your CRM.


Manage Deals Proactively

Show managers and reps the gaps in every deal so they can work together to move them forward. Turn tedious pipeline reviews into productive strategy sessions. Identify each rep’s opportunities for growth.


Know What's Driving Deal Outcomes

Identify what’s working on the frontline and replicate it across your entire team. Give your CEO and board confidence in your sales forecast.

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Integrated with platforms you love

Costello integrates seamlessly with Salesforce, G-Suite, Microsoft Outlook and more.

Start Closing More Deals