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Be the sales team that customers trust, respect, and want to buy from.

Sales co-pilot software that helps your team keep deals and conversations on track so you close more deals.

Old Way

It’s hard to consistently meet buyers’ expectations when you’re juggling so many things at once

  • Forget key questions on calls
  • Miss opportunities to reframe conversations
  • Surprised by unseen deal gaps
  • Low confidence in forecast
  • Uncertain about major win/loss drivers

New Way

AI identifies what closes deals and helps reps keep their deals and conversations on track.

  • Confident, consistent call execution
  • Guide buyers in the moments that matter
  • Proactively manage problem deals in your pipeline
  • Accurately predict what will close
  • Know what impacts close rates the most

Loved by some of the world’s best sales teams that are committed to selling the right way.

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Buyers don’t give us second chances anymore.

Potential customers have already done their homework before they talk to us. They know they have options and have high expectations. If the way we sell doesn’t add value, buyers quickly move on to the company that does.


It’s hard to be organized and consistent when you’re managing 20+ deals

Every deal you work is like its own project with a lot of moving parts. You have to remember to ask the right questions, take notes, manage deliverables, and follow-up with key stakeholders.

The problem is your existing tools don't help you do this. Your CRM is a database designed to store information-- it doesn't help your reps sell. As a result, they depend on ad-hoc tools like notebooks, Google Docs, and spreadsheets to manage deals.

It's hard to keep things on track when deal information is spread across email, notes, and CRM.


Meet Costello.

Costello helps you stay on top of everything you need to do to win a deal.


Be the reliable sales team that's on top of every deal in your pipeline

In Costello, you can see all the critical information about every deal in your pipeline on one screen. Reps start their day knowing which deals to focus on. Costello highlights gaps in each deal so you can quickly identify at-risk and bad fit deals.

Updating deals in the CRM is tedious and time-consuming, so it often doesn't get done. Instead of making 20 clicks to update a deal, Costello is built so you can update your pipeline 75% faster than in your CRM. Every update in Costello immediately syncs back to the right CRM field.


Use one-on-ones to move deals forward instead of getting up-to-speed on past activities

It's hard to collaborate when deal information is spread across email, notes, and CRM. Costello's Deal View is a single source of truth for each deal. It quickly gets everyone up-to-speed on the status of the deal and key stakeholders involved. And it automatically organizes your calls, emails, notes, and to dos.

Now you can walk into every meeting prepared so you can win the deals that matter.

Solution 3

Help your sales team keep their calls on track, while still selling in their own way

Costello sits in the background during sales calls and serves as your reps’ co-pilot. It lets reps focus on the customer. They don't have to worry about remembering the right questions or customer stories to tell. It's all right at their fingertips.

At the end of a call, Costello organizes reps’ notes and syncs them back to your CRM with a single click. No more double data entry.

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Earn the buyer's trust by never missing a step

How you sell matters. We build trust when we do what we say we're going to do. Costello makes it easy to create to dos and get reminders for every deal. You'll never let something slip through the cracks and cost you a deal again.

Integrated with the platforms you love.

Costello integrates seamlessly with Salesforce, Hubspot, G-Suite, Microsoft Outlook, and more.

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