The best sales reps are consistent
But consistency in sales is hard

What if every sales rep inherited the good habits of your best rep?
With Costello, they do.

We're all smart customers now.

Today's buyers are busy and believe they can find what they need on their own. In the age of digital sharing, every interaction influences a customer's perception.


Reps don't get second chances.

You cannot wing it today. Every buyer expects sales reps to

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    Come prepared
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    Ask great questions
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    Share relevant stories
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    Follow-up in a timely manner
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    Demonstrate alignment

Meet Costello.

Costello is an intelligent sales assistant that helps reps prep, reminds them to ask key questions during calls, simplifies follow-up, and provides insights that close more deals.

Enter Costello

Do more of the right things.

Reps know what to do. Costello just helps them remember. Prep constructively, ask timely questions, tell relevant stories, and follow up consistenly to win more deals.

Turn insights into intelligent actions.

When reps are on the phone, Costello provides dynamic suggestions and shareable customer stories based on your sales process.

See what's working, what isn't, and why.

Have confidence in your pipeline. Costello uses data to give insight into both the quality and quantity of deals and calls.

If you like something, integrate it.

Costello works with the tools that are already working for you.

Co-pilot. Assistant. Hype-man.
Check. Check. Check.

Allow me to introduce myself.