Outsell your competition by having great conversations every single time

Real-time guided selling software that helps you have great sales conversations

It's hard to be great on every sales call

On a call you have to do three things at once: listen intently, respond in real-time with the right answer, and take good notes.

It’s easy to realize after the call that you forgot to ask some important questions. And if you forget those questions along the way, the entire deal breaks down.

Not having the right answer in real-time makes it even harder

Prospects have already done their homework and expect more from us on every call. Stumbling on objections or forgetting to tell the right customer story can cost you the deal.

Relying on ad-hoc solutions like Post-It Notes and Google Docs won’t cut it. 

Meet Costello.

Costello helps you be great in the sales moments that matter. Instead of saying “I’ll do better next time,” have the right conversation on the call the first time around.

Give reps what they need to respond confidently in real-time

Your reps know what to do. Costello just helps them remember in the moment. Prep for calls, ask timely questions, tell relevant stories, and easily sync key insights back to your CRM.

Manage deals proactively

Show managers and sales professionals what’s missing from their calls, so they can work together to move deals forward. Turn tedious pipeline reviews into productive strategy sessions.

Know what's driving performance

Identify what’s working on the frontline and replicate it across your entire team. Confidently answer the questions your CEO and board ask about what’s driving your team’s performance.

Integrated with platforms you love

Costello integrates seamlessly with Salesforce, G-Suite, Microsoft Outlook, and more.

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