Be the sales team that customers trust, respect, and want to buy from.

A.I. powered sales co-pilot software that helps your team keep deals on-track and have great conversations.

Old Way

It’s hard to consistently meet buyers’ expectations when you’re juggling so many things at once

  • Forget key questions on calls
  • Miss opportunities to reframe conversations
  • Surprised by unseen deal gaps
  • Low confidence in forecast
  • Uncertain about major win/loss drivers

New Way

AI identifies what closes deals and helps reps keep their calls on track in real-time

  • Confident, consistent call execution
  • Guide buyers in the moments that matter
  • Proactively manage problem deals in your pipeline
  • Accurately predict what will close
  • Know what impacts close rates the most

Loved by some of the world’s best sales teams that are committed to selling the right way.

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Why is it harder for sales reps to be successful on calls today than it was 5 years ago?


Buyers are bombarded...

Your activity has increased, but so has everyone else’s. As a result, it’s harder to cut through the noise. And when we do get through, we need to make every conversation count.


Buyers don’t give us second chances anymore.

Potential customers have already done their homework before they talk to us. They know they have options and have high expectations. If the way we sell doesn’t add value, buyers quickly move on to the company that does.


To win today, we need imperfect humans to make near-perfect sales calls.

In any other profession where the stakes are high, we give humans help during critical moments. Surgeons, race car drivers, and pilots have instrumentation and real-time support to stay on track. If we took that away, very few could consistently perform at their best.

A.I. helps you consistently be at your best in sales conversations


Meet Costello.

Costello is a conversation co-pilot that shows your sales team what questions win deals and reminds reps to ask them at the right time.


A.I. shows you what works on sales calls

Costello shows you what questions and customer answers lead to closing a deal. It finds patterns that are hard for humans to uncover.

When you combine those insights with your sales know-how magic happens.


Win the moments that matter

Sometimes buyers are a good fit, but they’ve mis-diagnosed their problem or need more education. It’s in those moments that all but the best reps struggle.

Costello's A.I. powered Co-Pilot help reps course correct in critical moments. It identifies scenarios that negatively affected past deals, so sales teams can craft responses that result in better outcomes.

Solution 3

Help reps consistently keep their calls on-track

Costello sits in the background during sales calls and serves as your reps’ co-pilot. It lets reps focus on the customer. They don't have to worry about remembering the right questions or customer stories to tell. It's all right at their fingertips.

At the end of a call, Costello organizes reps’ notes and syncs them back to your CRM with a single click. No more double data entry.

Integrated with the platforms you love.

Costello integrates seamlessly with Salesforce, Hubspot, G-Suite, Microsoft Outlook, and more.

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