This week’s Sales Integrity Podcast features Costello Director of Sales Phill Keene. On this episode, Phill shares strategies for cold calling, social selling and how to improve deal management sales processes to increase closing ratios.

Listen for tips on how you can:

  • Instill Sales Integrity - When you say you’re going to do something, do it. If you tell a prospect you will follow up, follow up. (3:22)
  • Start a Sales Team Indy 500 Challenge - For a sales prospecting team member to ramp up, they typically need to make about 3,000 calls. At Costello, we started the Indy 500 call club, where a sales rep makes 500 calls in one week to help build their sales mentality. If the rep finishes the Indy500 challenge they chug milk and sign an Indy 500 team flag. (7:20)
  • Debrief Weekly - Share what messaging and stories worked on calls throughout the week among your team and then adjust your call template accordingly. (11:30)
  • Build Deal Confidence - Hope is not a strategy. Learn how to be more purpose-driven (18:40)
  • Try Two Quick Sales Hacks - #1 - Use the phrase “can you help me?” #2 - Try the crazy ex cadence - give the prospect time to respond in the beginning and over time become more frequent with your outreach. Call twice in one day to create a sense of urgency. Send email to phill@andcostello.com to receive the crazy ex cadence. (19:30)
  • Utilize Social Selling - Ask for introductions through your social network with the goal of getting the prospect on the phone or scheduling an in-person meeting. Adopt tools like outro.com to automate introductions. (27:05)
  • Stick with Cold Calling (It Isn’t Dead) - Recommend sticking with social and phone and cut out email. The speed and velocity to move a prospect through the sales process via phone is much faster. (39:18)
  • Make Your Sales POP - Preparation, Organization, Productivity. All roads lead back to preparation. (46:09)

Listen to the full podcast here.

Special thanks to Sean Picket for having Phill on the podcast.

The Sales Integrity podcast helps sales professionals, leaders and organizations who sell complex technical products, services and solutions to increase sales and earn more money. This podcast airs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.