Tenbound Fulfills the Need for a Sales Development Conference

By: Teresa Weirich

April 1, 2019

After more than seven years working on Sales Development teams and 3 years of training and consulting these teams as the Founder and CEO of Tenbound, David Dulany had built quite a network in the Sales Development space.

“We used to do quarterly networking meetups in the San Francisco area,” David recalls. “And the idea for a conference just started organically from here. These meetups grew to the point that having a dedicated conference just made sense. It’s a way for the Sales Development community to come together, share ideas, and learn more about this incredibly important yet often overlooked part of the modern sales process.”

Now in its third year, the Sales Development Conference is filling a gap in the market for content and resources dedicated to this unique space. Sales Development can be a tough role, which makes continued idea sharing and support from peers that much more important. This conference is about growing the skills, network, and experience for people on the ground floor of Sales Development output — from executives to marketing leaders to operations managers to SDRs themselves.

The 2019 Sales Development Conference will have three primary learning tracks:

  • Leadership, which will focus on goals, starting a Sales Development department, and managing a team
  • Operations, which is focused on the back-end data and logistics that are involved when supporting a successful Sales Development team
  • Reps, which is focused on hard skills and training for day-to-day SDR output

As a sponsor of the 2019 conference, Costello hopes to see many familiar faces in San Francisco on August 23rd! We spoke with David to get an inside look at the upcoming conference, including must-know facts about the conference for those who are planning to attend and for those who are still deciding.

Who should attend the Sales Development Conference?

Anyone involved with top-of-funnel Sales Development can find value in the conference. From sales executives and marketing leaders to operations and SDRs, if you have a hand in driving revenue, this conference is for you. Additionally, many of the vendors in Sales Development services and support will be attending, so it’s the perfect place to find a new solution to drive success.

With more than 500 attendees expected from all over the world, the 2019 Sales Development Conference is the perfect place to meet other industry leaders and grow your network. You can get a taste of previous sessions at the Tenbound YouTube channel. Subscribe now to watch some of last year’s sessions and to stay up-to-date on new content!

What are some of the hot topics that will be discussed at this year’s conference?

The Sales Development landscape is constantly growing and changing. This means that there is an entire new profession of people, tools, and solutions that are focused on Sales Development, and the 2019 conference sessions will be designed to address this constantly developing space. Some key topics include:

  • How operations and back-end data management is supporting Sales Development. Things like account-based marketing and sales support are huge right now in the SDR space, so there will be content around how marketing and sales operations can become revenue operations.
  • How to build a SDR team from the ground-up in your company. Many sales leaders know they need Sales Development to drive new revenue, but they don’t know if they should build a team, outsource a team, or combine current positions internally to create a team.
  • How to coach and train successful SDRs. With all the technology that is available in the Sales Development space, sitting one-on-one with reps and coaching them sometimes gets lost. There will be a few sessions on personal training and coaching.

How can Sales Development teams get the most out of this conference?

The Sales Development Conference touches on all aspects of a Sales Development team, which means that all team members should be in attendance. Managers can use the conference as a way to incentivize team members and reps, but operations managers should also make it a priority to attend.

All attendees should come into the conference with a mind for networking. This is a chance to meet the top minds in the Sales Development space in one room, so attendees should be open to networking, learning from the best, and growing their careers.

Pro tip! Bring your top three questions or topics you’re most interested in, take notes, and then share what they learned afterward.

What is the overall goal or mission for this conference?

We live in a digital world where we can pretty much take care of everything in life from a phone. But what’s missing is a human to human connection. Meeting people in person, making new friends, networking with a new group, and personal interactions can unlock a bevy of new opportunities for SDRs and managers alike. Sales Development is all about networking and talking to prospective customers on the phone, so this in-person engagement is really helpful and necessary in order to hone skills and ultimately be successful long term.

You can learn more about the conference and purchase tickets here. Don’t forget to subscribe to the Tenbound YouTube channel to stay up-to-date on all things Sales Development!

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