See More From Your Deals: Introducing Deal View by Costello

By: Rod Feuer

June 26, 2019

Pop Quiz!

What do you do when…

Q1. You’re reviewing the pipeline with just a few weeks left in the quarter and need to do a ‘deep dive’ on deals that will make or break quota?

Q2. You’re joining your rep’s sales call in 15 minutes and need to get up-to-speed quickly on the needs and concerns of all four key stakeholders?

Q3. You’re in a 1-on-1 with a rep and need to do an in-depth review on 2-3 important deals to make sure all of the angles are covered and to remove any remaining stakeholder blockers?

The most common answers we hear from customers include:

  • Scan a page-long “Description” field in the CRM, trying to decode chicken scratch notes to pull out the key takeaways, if possible
  • Search across 100 fields to find the three that matter.
  • Find absolutely no information whatsoever
  • Pepper your reps with 20-questions because you can’t find what you need

You know what else we hear?

  • Why is it so hard to find all of the important details about a deal quickly?
  • Isn’t my CRM supposed to solve this problem for me?
  • How am I supposed to coach my reps and hit our team’s number if we can’t see what matters most?

Our customers have all this sales machinery in place, but none of it can show them the most important deal details and stakeholder info in a single, simple screen.

Until now.

Introducing Deal View by Costello.

Deal View by Costello

Deal View gives reps, managers, and leaders across the company a simple, streamlined view of everything that matters when managing a deal and doing deal review. And it gives your team an easier, more intuitive way to manage stakeholders, so you can quickly figure out who matters most, what they care about, and what their blockers are.

The best part? Deal View is available right inside your pipeline, so you don’t have to navigate to an entirely different app, screen, or tab.

It’s the perfect mix of simple and powerful. And it will help your team manage and close more deals, plus give you the tools to implement effective deal reviews. With Deal View you’ll see:

  • Deal Status: See the ‘quick hits’ quickly, including deal stage, days in stage, days active, deal amount, and other custom fields of your choosing.
  • Deal Gaps: See which pieces of deal data are missing or past due.
  • Key Stakeholders: See the key players, their role on the deal, and what they care about
  • Deal Summary: Quickly find the most important 3-5 deal details like key buying criteria, key challenges, and desired outcomes.
  • Call Summary: Quickly access a list of past and upcoming calls with their notes, so you can quickly prep for the next call with the right context
  • Deal Timeline: See all of the key activities, including all customer calls and emails

Our customers believe this is a game changing feature for them that will help them sell better. We’re excited to bring it to life.

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    Rod Feuer

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