The Predictable Revenue podcast featured our Director of Sales, Phill Keene. Phill shares his tips on how to be conversational, get through to C-level decision makers, and map your way through complex organizations.

You’ll hear Phill discuss:

  • Importance of calling high and the 3 steps to successfully reach the right decision maker  (2:51)
  • Ways to keep your tone conversational and natural. Listen for Phill’s recommended joke that has proven to work for him. (10:00)
  • Key to getting an internal referral. If you cannot get through to someone, try another employee within the department and get transferred. People trust their coworkers and peers. (15:30)
  • Tactics to be curious and keep asking questions. (19:50)
  • Need to call low too. Learn pain points and insights from the frontline to take those points to the decision marker. (24:30)

Listen to the full podcast episode here.

The Predictable Revenue podcast is a leading podcast that interviews outbound sales leaders so other sales professionals can learn directly from the people on the front lines. Their podcasts include best practices on sales development, coaching, and prospecting.

Special thanks to Collin Stewart and Aaron Ross for hosting Phill.

Listen to this episode or check out the entire podcast series or read the blog article to learn more about mapping calls 101.