Smarter buyers demand a smarter approach to selling

Our customers needed a way to close the performance gap between their top and average reps. The best way to do that is to help reps take a consistent approach to sales calls. Because when reps do that individual performance can improve by as much as 50%

How do you get reps to run calls in a similar way without taking away their sense of autonomy or having them sound like robots?

That’s where we come in, our clients used Costello to help their reps run their playbook on calls. Costello helped them:

  • Reduce new rep ramp time by 50%
  • Increase their demo-to-close rate by 2x
  • Increase outbound call conversion rates by 300%

How it works

1. Upload your playbooks & resources

You probably have these sitting in a Google Doc, PDF, or PowerPoint today. If you’re not sure where to start, you can customize one of our ‘best practices’ templates and make it your own.

2. Reps use playbooks to co-pilot their conversations

Playbooks of the past were static documents. They weren’t designed to be used on a call, which is when reps need them.

Costello serves as a real-time co-pilot during calls to make sure your reps ask every important question throughout the sales process. Everything they need to confidently handle objections and tell relevant customer stories is accessible in real-time.

3. Costello updates everything with one click

Costello saves sales professionals an average of 15 minutes per call. It all happens with one click.

At the end of a call, Costello logs the activity to your CRM and makes it easy for reps to fill out all of the required fields. Call summaries are pushed to Slack, so you can get real-time visibility into how a conversation went. Data is structured to make reporting easier. And Costello automatically carries notes from one call to the next, so reps can pick-up where they left off with each customer.

4. Costello highlights gaps so you know what to do next

You don’t have to guess where the gaps in your deals are anymore. Costello proactively shows your team which key topics haven’t been covered yet, so you can get them on the next call.

5. Turn your team into an execution (and learning) machine

Costello provides insights into what’s working on sales calls so you can continually improve your playbooks. Your team’s collective wisdom is captured in an up-to-date, single source of truth, so your team is always executing calls with the best approach.

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