Costello, an A.I. driven conversational playbook platform, announced this morning that it is formally partnering with JBarrows Sales Training, a leading sales training solution for some of the world’s fastest growing companies. This partnership will combine the proven JBarrows sales approach with real-time A.I. powered playbooks via Costello’s platform.

Today, sales teams of all sizes rely on Costello’s platform to guide them through the critical moments in sales calls that determine whether they will win or lose. This new partnership will allow Costello’s customers to leverage JBarrows Playbook directly within Costello’s platform, giving sales teams access to a proven sales approach for their prospective customer conversations.

With nearly 20 years of sales leadership experience, John Barrows started his sales training firm to specialize in outbound sales efforts. JBarrows offers real world application that helps sales teams around the world. Companies like, Slack, and LinkedIn have relied upon John’s sales expertise. Now, Costello’s clients will be able to take advantage of JBarrows sales content to guide them in real-time through critical moments in sales calls.

“Together, we will enable sales reps to run every call the JBarrows way,” said Frank Dale, Co-Founder and CEO of Costello. “This partnership presents the most efficient and effective outcome for sales reps to confidently execute on JBarrows sales training processes while using Costello to guide them in real-time during each call.”

“Anyone that’s trained sales representatives knows it’s difficult to get them to quickly execute on a new approach, and that becomes even more difficult if they don’t remember what they were taught,” commented John Barrows, CEO of JBarrows Sales Training. “In a study by Xerox, 87% of training is forgotten within a week of training. At JBarrows, we are on a mission to improve the profession of sales. For that to happen, reps have to sell the right way. The partnership with Costello is a critically important step in that direction.”

JBarrows’ sales content will be integrated into Costello’s platform, allowing customers to begin taking advantage of the sales training material immediately.

About Costello 
We live in an era of hyper-competition. In response, sales teams increased the volume of prospecting calls and emails to an all-time high. The result is that buyers no longer give second chances on sales calls. Costello is an A.I. driven conversational playbook platform that helps sales professionals consistently have great conversations with buyers. It identifies the questions that matter most in your sales process and then help your reps beat the competition by guiding them through the critical moments in sales calls that determine whether you win or lose. Visit to learn more.

About JBarrows Sales Training 
JBarrows Sales Training provides sales training and consulting services to some of the world’s leading companies like, Adobe, Slack and many others. Companies use the JBarrows Sales Training to ensure their teams are driving consistent, high-quality meetings with target prospects and are improving the quality of interactions and executions within the sales process.

JBarrows Sales Training leverages structure, process and teaches actionable techniques to help drive measurable results for organizations large and small. Their main goal is to improve the overall education and quality of Sales by sharing ideas and techniques that work. For more information, please visit