Costello’s sales playbook software is now integrated with SalesLoft cadences; reps can use playbooks during calls and create Salesforce or HubSpot opportunities from inside SalesLoft.

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (December 11, 2018) – Today, Costello announced that its sales playbook software is now available in SalesLoft’s App Directory.

SalesLoft users can now access Costello’s ‘plays’ directly within their cadences. Additionally, users can create a Salesforce or HubSpot opportunity directly within to SalesLoft platform. Joint customers of SalesLoft and Costello can begin using the integration immediately by adding it from SalesLoft’s App Directory.

Costello’s SalesLoft integration allows users to:

  • Upload playbooks and resources to use during calls that guide reps to ask questions, handle objections, and tell stories
  • Create opportunities directly within the SalesLoft platform
  • Update notes and fields in Salesforce or HubSpot, and publish to Slack in a single click

“Now integrated with SalesLoft cadences, Costello has been a game changer for our SDR team,” said Mavis Norwich, Manager, Sales Development at Zipwhip. “Now, our reps can confidently run their calls and easily create opportunities in Salesforce, all from the SalesLoft platform. Best of all, our reps are cutting out manual steps while improving call performance.”

“Costello’s integration with SalesLoft helps sales professionals deliver a better sales experience,” said Sean Kester, VP of Product Strategy at SalesLoft. “It also delivers a better experience for sales professionals, who can now run their entire sales prospecting workflow from a single pane of glass.”

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