Updates include an integration with Slack, Adaptive Playbooks, and real-time call resources; Costello also announced the addition of a VP of Customer Success.

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (September 18, 2018)Costello, a sales playbook software that helps sales professionals consistently have great conversations with buyers, announced several product updates this morning:

  • The new Slack integration publishes a sales rep’s call summary to a Slack channel once a call is completed, allowing managers to immediately see key takeaways and next steps from the conversation.
  • Adaptive Playbooks enable sales reps’ playbooks to follow them from call to call, so they can pick up conversations where they left off. Costello shows which questions have already been asked, prior notes that were taken, and a summary of the previous call.
  • Sales reps can access valuable sales enablement content in real-time during a call, such as objection responses, customer stories, value propositions, competitor battlecards, and voicemail scripts.

The company also announced the addition of Clayton Stobbs as VP of Customer Success, who previously held leadership positions in the Oracle Marketing and Data Clouds and at Compendium (acquired by Oracle in 2013). In his new role, Clayton will oversee Costello’s customer experience and will lead a team of customer success managers who will onboard, manage, and retain clients.

“Today’s sales reps have an incredibly difficult job: they need to be in-the-moment with their buyers, but at the same time, they need to be able to access to key information during sales calls without having to navigate away from their playbooks,” explained Rod Feuer, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer. “Each of our new product updates was conceived in partnership with sales teams that use Costello every day. As a company, we’re laser-focused on delivering features and integrations that will continue to help our customers have great sales conversations.”