Be the salesperson that customers trust, respect, and want to buy from

Sales playbook software that shows you what works and gives you an easy way to do it.

How we sell matters more than ever

Potential customers have already done their homework before they talk to us. They think all products are the same. Repeating product information or selling features isn’t enough to win. Not asking the right questions, stumbling on objections, or forgetting to tell the right customer story can cost us the deal—all because of a single bad call.

It’s hard to be great on every sales call and having to multi-task makes it harder

We have to do three things at once on a call: ask important questions, listen, and take notes. When we’re doing three things at once, it’s easy to later realize we forgot to ask some important questions. And if we miss those questions, the entire deal can break down.

We shouldn’t have to depend on ad-hoc tools to do our jobs

CRM was built for contact management and it’s great at that job. It wasn’t built to help you have better sales conversations. We’ve been forced to turn to ad-hoc tools like Google Docs, Evernote, and even Post-It notes to help us stay on-track during sales calls. Scrolling through Google Docs or trying to read a Post-It Note to find the right thing to say distracts us from our most important task: the conversation we’re having at the moment. We need a tool that’s built for the way we need to work in order to win with today’s buyer.

What would happen if you had a tool that was built to help you have better sales calls?

Meet Costello.

Costello is a conversation co-pilot that helps you during sales calls without getting in your way so you can have great conversations every time.

Loved by some of the world's best sales teams.

Earn respect by always asking the right questions

Costello gives you a way to run your sales playbook during calls without distracting you. Instead of trying to remember the right questions to ask, Costello lets you focus on your prospect. You know what to do. Costello just helps remind you in the moment. Never end another call call without hitting the important questions. And when you’re ready to wrap-up, easily sync notes back to your CRM with a single click. Say goodbye to double data entry.

Build trust by telling great stories

Selling is storytelling. The question customers want you to answer is ‘how have you helped someone like me?’ Costello makes all of your company’s great success stories available when you need it- during the call. Tell the right customer story at the right time—in real-time.

Be confident when competitors come up

Never stumble again when a buyer objects or mentions a competitor. With the click of a button, Costello gives you the exact answer you need so you can keep the conversation on track.

Update your pipeline in minutes-not hours

Spend more time selling and less time updating your CRM. Notes captured in Costello sync to the CRM and automatically update the associated opportunity. If you need to make a quick update, Costello’s deal dashboard lets you make changes with one click and simultaneously updates your CRM.

Know what's driving your performance

Costello provides data to everyone on the team about what’s working on sales calls. Use what you’re learning on calls to update your company’s sales playbook. When things need to change, you and your team will know in days—not months.

Integrated with the platforms you love

Costello integrates seamlessly with Salesforce, Hubspot, G-Suite, Microsoft Outlook, Slack, and more.

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