Help your team sell in a way that customers trust, respect, and want to buy from

Sales playbook software the shows your team what works and gives them an easy way to do it.

If we could join every call to help our sales reps perform better, we would

You can’t listen to every call and you can’t join every call. But you know that when you co-pilot deals with your team, it brings out the best in each sales rep…and as a result, you win more customers.

Getting everyone to sell the right way consistently is the only way to win

The fastest way to get everyone on your team to quota is to have them run sales calls the same way your best reps do. At the same time, you don’t want your reps to feel like they can’t incorporate their own selling style on the call.

How can you get reps to run sales calls in a similar way without taking away their autonomy or having them sound like robots?

Meet Costello.

Costello is a conversation co-pilot that helps your team run your playbook on calls without getting in their way or having them sound like robots.

Loved by some of the world's best sales teams.

Help everyone on your team run calls like your best reps do

The best reps take a consistent approach to sales calls. Average reps wing-it. Knowing what good looks like isn’t enough. You have to be able to replicate it. Costello helps everyone consistently run the same call structure and flow that your top reps use to succeed.

Proactively help your team close more deals

Every sales pipeline has winnable deals that don’t close. Costello gives you visibility into each reps pipeline to know which deals need help. Turn pipeline meetings into strategy sessions instead of book reports.

Know what each rep needs to improve and personalize Costello to help them do it

See what each rep needs to do to improve their calls. Then personalize Costello to each rep to help them do it.

Give reps a way to follow your process that fits their workflow

Costello helps reps use your playbook during calls without getting in their way. It’s built to match their workflow and connect to tools they already use.

Be confident in what's driving performance

Costello gives everyone on the team data about what’s working on sales calls. Use what your AEs are learning on calls to update your company’s sales playbook. When things need to change, you and your team will know in days—not months.

Integrated with the platforms you love

Costello integrates seamlessly with Salesforce, Hubspot, G-Suite, Microsoft Outlook, Slack, and more.

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