Give your reps a way to consistently run your playbook on calls that they'll love to use

Real-time sales playbook software that reps use on sales calls to have great conversations

How we sell matters more than ever

The most successful sales teams leave nothing to chance. They know they have to deliver a great buying experience to win. As a result, sales leaders equip their team with playbooks to help them have great sales conversations.

Existing tools make it harder for reps to use your sales playbooks during calls

Building a playbook is one of the most important things you can do to help your sales team. Today, you’re forced to deliver playbooks to reps using PowerPoint or Google Docs. Scrolling through a Google Doc to find the right thing to say distracts reps from their most important task: the conversation they’re having at the moment. And so they often don’t use your playbook when they need it the most…during sales calls.

As a result, few people follow your process and performance doesn't improve

Sales professionals can’t follow your playbook if they don’t have the right tools, which is why they default to whatever makes sense in the moment. That leads to an inconsistent approach to sales calls. And inconsistency upsets leadership because the investments they’ve made to help the team succeed aren’t fully realized. It’s a frustrating experience for everyone across the sales organization.

How can you get reps to run sales calls in a similar way without taking away their autonomy or having them sound like robots?

Meet Costello.

Costello helps you build and execute sales playbooks to help your team navigate conversations effectively so they can move more deals forward.

Loved by some of the world's best sales teams.

Help everyone on your team run calls like your best reps do

The best reps take a consistent approach to sales calls. Average reps wing-it. Knowing what good looks like isn’t enough. You have to be able to replicate it. Costello helps everyone consistently run the same call structure and flow that your top reps use to succeed.

Give reps a way to follow your process that fits their workflow

Costello helps reps use your playbook during calls without getting in their way. It’s built to match their workflow and connect to tools they already use. Make sure your reps never get off a call again without hitting the important questions. And when they’re ready to wrap-up, easily sync notes back to your CRM with one click.

Help your reps earn potential customers' respect by delivering a great buying experience

The question prospective customers want you to answer is “how have you helped someone like me?” Costello gives your reps the ability to tell the right customer story at the right time–in real-time. All of your company’s great success stories are right at their fingertips.

Be confident in what's driving performance

We live in a world of rising buyer expectations and increasing competition. To keep up, we need to constantly be testing and iterating our sales playbook. Costello’s analytics help you identify what’s working on the frontline and where you need to make changes. Confidently answer the questions your CEO and Board ask about what’s driving your team’s performance.

Easily adjust playbooks as you learn from the market and your team

To get everyone on the same page, you need a single source of truth. Costello replaces all of the ad-hoc solutions like Google Docs, Evernote templates, and Power Point decks that your reps hunt through today to find the most up-to-date sales playbook.

Integrated with the platforms you love

Costello integrates seamlessly with Salesforce, Hubspot, G-Suite, Microsoft Outlook, Slack, and more.

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